Blocked accountt

Hello, my Netlify account was blocked and asked to verify on Stripe after I wanted to verify myself and accidentally closed the card, but when I went back to Netlify to verify automatically quickly, I couldn’t do it anymore. Please help me quickly. And when I wrote an email asking for verification, no one responded.

You need to follow the instructions in the support guide below. You won’t get an immediate answer/resolution.

I already sent a verification email with a cancellation 4 days ago and I still haven’t received a response

Hey there, so sorry about this delay. We process tickets as they come in, so if there are a lot it can take us about 5 days to get to them. I see we replied to your ticket today, so look in your inbox for our response. Thanks!

I only received an email from Admin (Netlify) saying Your case with Netlify Support (some numbers) has a new response, included below. If you have any follow-up questions or comments, please reply to this email.

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Was the response empty? Were you able to open the link to see what the text includes?