Blank screen issue

I successfully deployed a site on Netlify over a month ago and it’s been displaying just fine until now. Yesterday, I noticed the site loads for a split second, then gives me a blank white screen. Was there an update recently that conflicts with react sites? I honestly don’t know what the problem is.
The site is:

Any help would be appreciated,


Suggest you start by addressing the errors logged to console

I noticed the error in the console. The problem is, this error appeared over night. The site runs fine on my end and has run fine on Netlify for over a month. No modifications were made. Thanks for the response though.

Error appearing without changes by you doesn’t mean it’s not worth debugging :slight_smile:

Lots of things change without you making explicit changes - things like versions of node modules you haven’t pinned.


The error I see logged to console is

TypeError: can't access property "toFixed", e.item.price_btc is null

The data returned from contains one item that has a null value for price_btc.

    "item": {
      "id": "arbitrum",
      "coin_id": 16547,
      "name": "Arbitrum",
      "symbol": "ARB",
      "market_cap_rank": null,
      "thumb": "",
      "small": "",
      "large": "",
      "slug": "arbitrum",
      "price_btc": null,
      "score": 8

I suggest adding a check for a numeric/non-null value in the code rather than assuming the value is always a number.

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Fixed it!

Thank you both for looking into this.