Blank screen issue

I successfully deployed a site on Netlify over a month ago and it’s been displaying just fine until now. Yesterday, I noticed the site loads for a split second, then gives me a blank white screen. Was there an update recently that conflicts with react sites? I honestly don’t know what the problem is.
The site is:

Any help would be appreciated,


Suggest you start by addressing the errors logged to console

I noticed the error in the console. The problem is, this error appeared over night. The site runs fine on my end and has run fine on Netlify for over a month. No modifications were made. Thanks for the response though.

Error appearing without changes by you doesn’t mean it’s not worth debugging :slight_smile:

Lots of things change without you making explicit changes - things like versions of node modules you haven’t pinned.


The error I see logged to console is

TypeError: can't access property "toFixed", e.item.price_btc is null

The data returned from contains one item that has a null value for price_btc.

    "item": {
      "id": "arbitrum",
      "coin_id": 16547,
      "name": "Arbitrum",
      "symbol": "ARB",
      "market_cap_rank": null,
      "thumb": "",
      "small": "",
      "large": "",
      "slug": "arbitrum",
      "price_btc": null,
      "score": 8

I suggest adding a check for a numeric/non-null value in the code rather than assuming the value is always a number.

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Fixed it!

Thank you both for looking into this.

Guys i am having same issue i drag and dropped the build folder in netlify but when i load site i see my site for half second then its white blank screen.
Console gives Load resource errror blocked by client
Kindly suggest me what to do its my first time with netlify

Kindly help. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

We won’t be able to provide any support with debugging your code, @wasalrasool37. This is not a programming forum. This seems to be an issue un-related to Netlify. If you think otherwise, feel free to let us know.