Blacklisted IP by UCEPROTECT

My site should be a simple landing page:

Our domain provider has a warning:
IP is UCEPROTECT-Level 1 listed. See UCEPROTECT-Network Sprache waehlen - Choose Language

How do I fix this?
Do I fix this? Maybe I should simply ignore it?
Is this my fault or some sort of “shared hosting” problem?
Should I be concerned about this?

@JesusCrow I imagine any host is going to run into some bad actors, and with a free host it’s going to be much worse. However, UCEPROTECT seems to be only one of two blacklisters that has marked the Netlify load balancer IP as dangerous. See here:

I’m guessing that someone from Netlify will contact UCEPROTECT to find out what information they have, and take the appropriate steps.

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I’m running into this as well, it’s affecting emails on the domain which is a pretty major issue for us. Any idea if Netlify is looking into resolving this?

hey there, thanks for weighing in. We are looking into the issue and will report back once we know more. i’m sorry this is affecting you! not the experience we want you to have, of course.


Hi, @JesusCrow and @chesham . This IP address ( is not currently listed on the UCEPROTECT site.

There isn’t any record there now of why it was listed in the first place so I’m not sure what resolved this. I’m not aware of anyone having contacted UCEPROTECT.

UCEPROTECT listing lifespan is 7 days. Making no evil deeds for 7 days makes you unlisted. Or something like that was mentioned on their website.