Website is hosted on a server with a blocked IP address

Hi everyone,

I’m deploying a personal website (, Netlify site name: serene-minsky-03ffb7) via Netlify. I have a link to this website in my email signature.

Recently, my e-mails started to get rejected by mail servers. Our internal IT informed me that the reason is that my website is hosted on a server with a blocked IP address:

Is there anything I can do about this?

Thanks in advance

hi @adswa

welcome to our forums! That IP is one of our CDN nodes in France. What do you mean it’s blocked, is this blocked on your internal network?

We have several other customers using that node every day and this is the first time I’m seeing such a report.

Can you please provide more details on this?


Hi @gualter,

Thanks for getting back to me so swiftly. Unfortunately I don’t have any more information than what our company’s IT services have provided me with.
To quote from their response to the Ticket:

In this specific case, we already can tell you the issue. It is a link in your mail signature (www . adina - wagner . com). Your website is hosted on a server with a blocked IP address:
This is why the mails get blocked, if you write someone or someone answers you with this link in the mail body it gets rejected. Also, we can’t do anything about it. The IP addess needs to be removed from the blocked list from in order to unblock the link.

Likewise, the link does not provide me with much actionable information. They say:

This IP address has been observed to be involved in at least one of the following activities; sending spam, snowshoe spamming,hijacked IP space, or associated with bulletproof hosting.
As a result, this IP address is listed in the Spamhaus Blocklist (SBL)

The details contain the following information:

2023-01-20 17:55:08 - [](

### Phishing hosting @

Phishing hosting located here:

$ dig +short

I am out of my depth on this topic, and could only guestimate what might wrong, so I’ll refrain from stating unhelpful hypotheses. I did find the following post on the forum though, which looks like it could be a related issue: The website is blocked by Malwarebytes on some ip-adresses

If there is nothing about the blocked IP that can be done on your end, is there a possibility to have my website hosted on a different server?



Sorry for pinging again - Is there anything I can do on my side? I’ve removed the website from my signature (which is sad, and I would like to be able to put it back again), but also anyone who is replying to any of my past emails (that still have the website in the signature of the quoted response) gets their emails flagged and returned as non-deliverable.

Thanks again

Hi @adswa,

Please refer to: