Bitbucket Repositories Missing from Import existing site list


I’m trying to add a new React build to my Netlify account like I’ve done in the past via Sites → Add new site → Import an existing project → Bitbucket → selecting from the list. However, only a handful of my projects are listed. Even repositories within the same Bitbucket workspace and project are missing from the available options. I’ve gone through all of the Bitbucket settings at the Account, Workspace, Project, and Repository levels to make sure a displayed project and hidden project are completely set up the same, but I’ve been unable to determine any rhyme or reason for what’s going on.

Netlify’s view of available projects and the Bitbucket workspaces where I’m the owner/admin at all levels (account, workspace, project, repo).

Part of the confusion lies in that I can publish builds for repositories where I’m not the owner or admin (I saw in another thread that it might be related to that).

Please let me know what other information you need to help get this resolved. Thanks in advance!

Can you share a HAR file of you trying to connect a repo? Please share it privately.

After posting, I’ve made no changes to my Account, Workspace, Project, or Repository settings for any of my repos, but they’re all available to be added as of today. This comes after some being hidden for about 15 days.

I guess the issue is resolved, although there was nothing I did to resolve it. Is there some caching on Netlify’s end that needed to be cleared and that’s what resolved this? Since I can no longer replicate the issue at this time, I’m hoping there was an external factor that would explain it and be a shortcut to a solution if this happens again.

Hi @beach ,

Glad to hear that things are working now! It’s hard to tell without looking at the HAR file what could have been the cause. If you do see this come up again, it would be great if you could try to capture a HAR file for us.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you!

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