Better data displaying on analytics panel (feedback)

Hi there Netlify team, first of all congrats on the new Analytics feature. I signed in since day one, both because I wanted a server side solution and also to support your excellent work :star_struck:

Don’t know if this is the right way to add a Discord topic, but instead of creating 5 items I preferred to condense the feedback in a single entry, I hope that’s not an issue.

These are things I feel the Analytics panel is missing that I would need/love as a user:

  • A way to select a specific period of time. It would be really good if I could segreagate data for only a week or certain period, go back in time as much as I can, and later decide the frequency displayed in the graphics, i.e.: from Jun 10 to Jun 28, display weekly frequency. This is also really useful to track 404s in a specific range of time and trouble-shooting it.
  • Are you thinking on detecting requests made by robots and segregate them? I would be really cool to help normalize data if I have the option to actually display on parallel how many of those calls were coming from robots, similarly how Cloudflare does, both in numbers but also as a second line in the graphic.
  • I’ve seen the main panel on top changing metrics, for example Unique Visitors first displayed the amount by the time range, now it’s displaying a random average configuration of it which feels more a post-data analysis, would it be possible to select how we want that data to be displayed?
  • Right now the tables like the most visited pages have a limited number of entries, will it be possible in the future to gather all the data without a limited number of rows?
  • It would be awesome, in case you aren’t thinking about it already, to have a way to opt-in for a monthly report on analytics per site, to compare month to months the delta changes in some metrics.

That’s it for now. I hoipe the feedback is useful and I can’t wait to see what you folks come up with next :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback, Jeremias! The product team has noted these items down for consideration.

Really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

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My pleasure, thanks for taking the feedback and let me know if I can help in any way.


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These are all excellent recommendations.

I would add that it would be helpful to know the user-agent/device aggregates and country of origin of the visitor. I don’t need to know IP addresses, but the country of origin is super important for a site with a global audience. I don’t know if this conflicts with GDPR compliance, though.

Overall, despite the lack of this information, having more accurate data than using Google Analytics, and not having to use GA (or any other tracker) is such a win.


Just wanted to follow up in this thread that we just shipped different date range filters for analytics so you can look at past week/day for the whole dashboard, rather than only past month. More details here:

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Thank you thank you thank you! These new features are amazing.

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you’re welcome!! Glad that they are working for you :raised_hands: