My suggestions for Analytics

Hello there!
Today I decided to start paying for netlify analytics and I’ve discovered that I was loosing a lot of visits (thanks 404!) - in this sense, the analytics has already payed itself back.

There are still many missing points and I’d be happy to know you’re working on that. Here’s a list.

  • integration with SPAs: I know you’re already working on that but since I’m going to migrate to Gatsby in a few months, this may become a priority for me. I guess you’ll implement a mechanism a-la-google analytics, with a js script to trigger at every route change.
  • You may use the same script to try to track user session duration (in seconds) on every page, so we can get an average of their time on every article.
  • realtime stats - could be cool to know how many people is visiting the blog in real time. When I hit the first positions on hacker news, this number really gives me adrenaline :slight_smile: This could be implemented with a websocket, probably, or with a simple polling, or with a “onclose” handler… you know :slight_smile:
  • better bots filter - honestly I don’t care about how many times googlebot is checking my blog. I can’t even understand if they are already filtered or not. Looks like they’re not.
  • stats for individual articles - by clicking on a single article, it would be great to know how many users checked that url, etc.
  • better referrer analysis - instead of getting only the “macro” category, it would be great to know in detail where our users are coming from (e.g. instead of generic, explore the details and see all the connected urls (like:, etc )
  • I think the Details aspect is crucial and should be implemented if I select a single date, a single article, a single referrer, etc. This way I can reason about stats and infer some patterns.

Hope you’ll improve this more and more!


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Hi Michele, and welcome to the community!

Glad to hear the 404 chart was useful for you.

Thanks so much for sharing with us. Good news is, some of these improvements, including SPA integration and a bot filter, are already on our roadmap! I’ve reported the other suggestions to the rest of the team to consider, as well.

Thanks again for writing in.