Best Practice for User-Uploads?

Hi guys,

thanks for building such a great service. I’m currently evaluate netlify for some of my projects. So i try to check if netlify has all features (or at least the possibility to use 3rd party services) i need. I definitely need the option to process user uploads (e.g. user avatars) in lambda functions so i was surprised netlify does not offer some kind of storage for this. I saw Netlify CMS is using Large Media / Git LFS. Is this the recommended way to store user uploads in the “netlify eco-system”? I have already some applications running on the Google Cloud Platform so it would be great to just use the Google Cloud Storage to store user content. But I’ve seen there are some “issues” regarding multipart form data. Issues parsing images from multipart/form-data
So, what’s the recommended way to process uploads in lambda functions and store user (file) uploads?

Thanks and have a great day


Hello, I would suggest that for user uploaded images it will be best integrating a service like Cloudinary and integrates nicely with Netlify CMS, Netlify Large Media is best suited if you actually need to have Large media in your project which will be handled different by GitHub deploys across the team. With user content, what you really want is to have a way to optimize the image for your app, OR you could also use a cloud function and process the image with a library like sharp for example.