Benefit from CDN without nameservers possible?

Hi Netlify Community,

Quick question that I couldn’t find an answer on, do you benefit from the Netlify’s CDN even if you manage your DNS records elsewhere? Or do you need the same nameservers as Netlify?

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@jonasgroendahl As far as I know, as long as your remote DNS points correctly to your site on Netlify, then Netlify will serve all of your “local” files via the CDN.

The way I understand it, Netlify serves no files outside of the CDN, so if your site builds, it’s using Netlify CDN.

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@jonasgroendahl, what greg said is correct.

Netlify is more than one thing - it is the product that takes your files and (if you are using a SSG) generates html, and then it is also the process of pushing out the html to the CDN edge nodes worldwide that serve the content.

You do not need to use Netlify nameservers with custom domains if you don’t want to, but it is an option many people choose for speed and ease of use.