DNS & CDN benefites

I’m new to Netlify and I host my project on my own VPS; I have a domain with an A record directed at the VPS IP and I was using Cloudflare’s nameservers to benefit from their CDN and WAF but I had to leave them because of some random connection drops that I experienced from time to time while I was using the nameservers they gave me.
Now I’m wondering if changing my domain’s nameservers to the one’s that Netlify gave me is going to make me benefit from the Netlify’s CDN and also protect me with WAF the way Cloudflare did.
Can someone kindly let me know how it is?

You’ll get Netlify’s CDN benefits, however Netlify’s WAF, in the current stage is quite different from Coudflare’s. Cloudflare protects sites on an individual level, while Netlify protects its entire CDN. As a result, if your site gets a lot of traffic, as long as it won’t hamper the rest of the sites or our CDN’s performance, we will continue to serve it. We do have some rate-limiting in effect though.

However, we’re working on better/configurable WAF protection.

Thank you.
So I’ll have to have my own WAF, say I wanted to block incoming traffic from tor network or other known anonymizes? And how can I get my visitor’s real IP when I’m on Netlify’s CDN?
I host my content with Nginx and using the ngx_http_realip_module and a one liner configuration for CF’s IPs I’m able to do that. Do you also send me the visitor’s real IP via headers?


We won’t be sharing any IP Address (or personal information) without a legal body requesting the information. You can use various built-in and third-party tools.

Netlify Edge Functions and Netlify Functions, both give you access to user’s IP Address, which you can store somewhere yourself.

Google Analytics doesn’t show IP Address either, but I believe there must be some other tools that would provide this information to you.