Basic Plan Allowable Traffic

I currently have the basic plan, with a bandwidth limit of 100 GB. I’m expecting up to 50 people going on my site ( simultaneously for up to an hour. Do you know if I would be able to support this traffic?

My site contains interactive graphics, all coded in the front-end (I wrote no back-end code).

hi there,

thanks for asking! unfortunately, without understanding how big your files are, i can’t really give a precise recommendation. if they are very large, then it will take fewer people and visits to reach those bandwidth limits, for example.

That said, when you reach the bandwidth limit, your site does not go offline. Instead, we bill you for extra bandwidth to cover the fact that you are using more bandwidth than is included in our free tier.

You should add a credit card to your account so we can do that - if you don’t add a card, and go over bandwidth, we will eventually need to switch off your account, even though you do have a grace period.

let me know if that answers your questions!

Thank you!

Github says the total size of the repository I’m hosting is 35.8 MB – is this what you mean?

I added my credit card to be safe though. At least very roughly, how much might I be charged if it goes over (as in the $1-$10 range, $10-$100 range, or possibly over $100)?

Hi @Ephraim-Bryski

Assuming all the deployed resources on the site are 35.8MB (and I suggest that is an over-estimate looking at the repository) and 50 people loaded every resource on the site once, that would mean a total of around 1.8GB of data would get transferred. Based on that 100GB is ample for your needs.

As per bandwidth on the pricing page if you go over the 100GB for the month it is USD$20 per 100 thereafter.

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