Awaitin external DNS

My production domain is transitioning from ‘awaiting external DNS’ to ‘Netlify DNS’ ever since I purchased a domain name on GoDaddy. Previously, with Hover, it worked perfectly, but not anymore. Thank you for your assistance.

It is impossible to provide assistance without knowing the domain you are having issues with @wael.

$ dig	282	IN	CNAME 27	IN	A 27	IN	A

As is using Netlify DNS the record above should not exist. A NETLIFY record should exist for both the apex domain and the www subdomain. Likely you have removed the NETLIFY record for the latter.

In order to correct this, remove the custom domain from your site then reassign it. DO NOT delete NETLIFY records.

Alternatively, you can wait for a member of Netlify’s support staff to mend the DNS records for you (no guarantee how long that could take.)