Angular 17 SSR Edge Function Error when using Route IDs


I’m having trouble with an Edge Function error that only happens when I try to use routes with Route IDs.

I’m using Angular: 17.0.8 with SSR. My site runs fine locally via ng serve but also chucks this same error when using netlify serve.

Site is here:

The said error:

Dec 26, 11:07:21 AM: 01HJHQ52 error  [Angular SSR] TypeError: Class constructor t cannot be invoked without 'new'
    at file:///root/dist/shibblesio-blog/server/chunk-4MUZ64KL.mjs:43:35934
    at (<anonymous>)
    at file:///root/dist/shibblesio-blog/server/chunk-KRLCULJA.mjs:2:1604
    at new i (file:///root/dist/shibblesio-blog/server/polyfills.server.mjs:4:2246)
    at J (file:///root/dist/shibblesio-blog/server/chunk-KRLCULJA.mjs:2:1424)
    at Z6 (file:///root/dist/shibblesio-blog/server/chunk-4MUZ64KL.mjs:43:35889)
    at default (file:///root/.netlify/edge-functions/angular-ssr/angular-ssr.mjs:11:24)
    at file:///root/src/bootstrap/function_chain.ts:401:15
    at (node:async_hooks:224:13)
    at FunctionChain.runFunction (file:///root/src/bootstrap/function_chain.ts:396:28)

I’m really not sure what’s up. Site is super basic. I did a test with defined routes (not using route IDs) and that works fine.

e.g. in my Angular routes:

path: 'post/:id' - any route under this (i.e. post/anything) will cause the above error to throw
path: 'post/test' - completely fine (working here:

Any help would be much appreciated!

Can you please create a minimal git repo with your setup so we can share that with the devs?