Analytics Issues: Data is being collected, but not displayed in the UI

Hey @Pie thanks for the update but unfortunately my dashboard is still not showing any page views/bandwith usage for the last couple of days. My analytics service was also enabled prior to Sept 1, for extra context.

Yeah still no updates for my site unfortunately

data seems to being coming through now. Still no data for the last ~12hrs. But I guess it is flowing through slowly atm?

Hey all! That’s right – we’re still working through a bit of a data backlog so it’s still currently playing catch-up. First, we’re backfilling data for people who were already subscribed to Analytics prior to the outage and then we’ll make a start on new subscribers :+1:. Stay tuned!

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Hi, Analytics does not seem to be updating for my site mastery-golf. Can you check what is causing this?

hey @walshyc, sorry we’ve been slow to get back to you. Has analytics caught up yet? if no, let me know, and we’ll take a look.

Hi i’ve got the same problem on my site . I would also appreciate if you could check what is causing this.

Thanks in advance

hi there, we were finishing up some work still on this - but all analytics should now be available.

Could you check again and let us know if this has been fixed for you? thank you for your patience.

Hi again,

It seems to be working on my end now. Thanks for the quick support

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