Analytics Graph showing Incorrect Date Range

The Analytics Graph says Dec 23 - Dec 31, yet for some reason the graph shows the entire month - they don’t align.

Also - there’s no way to adjust the date range??

I’m seeing this as well. The sections all say they have data from the past week (Dec 23 - Jan 2), but the graphs all show the past month.

Thanks for reporting this, @jhull and @BenDMyers!

When we reingested analytics data for some sites last week, it triggered a change in the ingestion start date that caused this mismatch. We apologize for this, and applied a fix today.

Please do let us know if this didn’t fix the issue for you.

@jhull there’s currently no way to adjust or customize the 30-day date range. I can confirm this is on the roadmap, though, so keep your eyes out for an update!

Thanks, Leslie! Everything seems to work for me!

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Great! Thanks for confirming, Ben!

Excellent over here as well. And looking forward to 2020 developments.

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I believe we are having the same problem. Analytics have not updated since December 16.

Hi @Bash, welcome to the Community!

It sounds like you’re not seeing a date mismatch in Analytics; instead, you’re seeing that the end date is stuck in the past. Is that right?

Could you please share the name of the affected site with us and we will take a look?

Hey, thank you for the response. It appears to have resolved itself


Awesome, glad to hear that @Bash! Let us know in a new topic if you notice this again.

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