Amazon CloudFront CNAME taken

:wave: Does Netlify use Cloudfront? I’m currently working on setting up CloudFront for our app and AWS is saying that the CNAME already exists. My assumption is that there is a wildcard controlled by one of our hosting providers. Any help that you can give to debug this issue would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Patrick,

We use cloudfront for some things (optimized assets only). You wouldn’t be able to reuse our CNAME (which is only this name:, but I don’t think you’re trying to.

Could you tell us in more detail what you’re trying to accomplish? e.g. “I’m trying to set name X in place Y and thing Z is happening”.

I understand your summary of the error, but it isn’t enough to help us diagnose or advise, sorry to say.

Thanks for your help. I was able to confirm ownership of the domain through the AWS support team. So at the moment, we’re unblocked.

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