Cloudfront distribution infront of Netlify app

HI there,

We are currently working on a new site We already have a website (in Wordpress)

We want to gradually, update our existing websites as we release paths of Example: → goes to current site
Product | Blog | Workast - Learn more about Workast → proxy

Using Cloudfront I tried to set this up, but I get a 502 when I visit Product | Blog | Workast - Learn more about Workast

I have validated the domain in my account but I can’t leave the CNAME pointing to Netlify because we need that for the Wordpress site.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this? Changing DNS provider for is not an option.


I haven’t used Cloudfront, but I think you don’t need proxy in this case. Won’t simple redrects work? Setup a redirect on your server to redirect to About how it can be done, it depends on your server.

Thank you @hrishikesh a redirect could work but that would change the URL. The goal would be to keep URLs clean for the user, no redirect.

Then you can make use of URL Masking, however, it’s not recommended.