All messages in form going to spam

Hi. I have a form on that seems to be sending every message sent to it to spam. I’ve been through the support guide and don’t seem to be missing anything.

Here’s my form code:

The messages are appearing but they’re all going straight to the spam section. Any ideas?


hi there,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over whether Akismet (the spam filtering service we purchase) decides whether a submission is spam or not. I know that is frustrating, but if you are receiving legimitate messages that are going straight to spam, your best bet is to manually mark those submissions as legitimate, to help them train the algorithm.

Sorry I can’t provide a better solution for you at this time!

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Thanks anyway. I am mostly trying to work out if I am configuring it wrong because it isn’t that like 1 or 2 submissions are going to spam, it’s that literally every message sent to the form is.

it sounds like things are working correctly (even if i’m sure it doesn’t feel like it is). Do you have a recaptcha or honeypot field in your form?

There’s a recaptcha but no honeypot

Hi, @KiloTango. Would you be willing to test adding the honeypot field also to see if that resolves the issue?

No problem @luke. I’ve added that and also see your attempted test as well (it went to spam too). Doesn’t seem to have made a difference.

Darn, that’s a shame. It may be worth challenging Akismet or evaluating whether you’re using a commonly-used VPN or privacy tools which might throw Akismet off. Similarly, the email address(es) may be flagged by Akismet for one reason or another.

@Scott Any advice on who I can contact to challenge it? I’m going through and marking everything that comes in as not spam to help train it in the mean time. I’m not using a VPN or any privacy tools, and it’s not just my emails, but literally everyone’s, including Luke’s above. I’d understand if it was just blocking some but it being every single thing makes me wonder if there’s something broken somewhere.

Your best bet would be Akismet although we’ve never really explored their reporting mechanism. I’d presume that there is a facility to ham responses to help better their product!

Without delving in to your form (apologies, it’s after hours for me!) you may want to make sure that your data is sensical. For example, this post discusses issues observed when requesting Twitter handles.

@Scott I figured it out. This might be worth noting in case anyone else has this problem, but I had named my field for users to put their name from. I tried changing that to name and now the form is submitting correctly it seems. I guess something about that field name was breaking things.

That’s brilliant (that you solved it, not that it was a problem)! Thanks ever so much for feeding back!