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All files already uploaded by a previous deploy with the same commits


I am having a Problem, where my Site doesn’t deploy my changes in GitHub.
it says :“All files already uploaded by a previous deploy with the same commits.”
But that’s inaccurate and I can see the changes in git.
Any Idea what I am doing wrong ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @Tornierm :wave:

Is your GitHub repository public? Could you provide a link to it here?

Also, can you clarify what changes you’d made with Git recently that you’re trying to deploy? Did you by change do any history manipulation (something like git reset --hard for example)?

Hi @Tornierm,

Your latest deploys seem to work. All of them have updated the changes, etc. If you’re still seeing issues, please link us to the deploy that’s not working.

Hi, @Tornierm. I wanted to chime in here as well. It appears that there is some sort of misunderstanding about what files you are publishing and how your deploy occurs because when I check the files, they did in fact not change.

The repo is public (and I can see the repo URL because I’m a Support Engineer at Netlify) so I checked the versions of the deployed files in the repo in these two commits:

  • 239ef91daefa48ea53952a4edefb3f7259df4b1b for deploy id 6102612494164c0007bc6182 started at 2021-07-29 08:04:52 UTC
  • cfa2abdcdc6b406bdcb24895d722f68e5dbd8600 for deploy id 6101c5d40e82f2000742bfe4 started at 2021-07-28 21:02:12 UTC

When I compare the files in publish directory for those two deploys in the git repo itself (not at Netlify but in the repo at GitHub), all files are exactly the same.

So, indeed, the files did not change at all between those two deploys. You can test this yourself like and if you see something different, please let us know.