Does not show the latest deployment version

My site name is:

The problem is:

I do the usual, what I have always done, even with this same repository:

On my pc:

  1. $ git add .
  2. $ git commit -m “description”
  3. $ git push

On github, everything updates just fine.

In github-pages, everything updates very well too.

In Netlify, it deploys correctly. In the “Deploy Log” output, everything looks fine.

However, the version it shows in the browser when running:

is not the version just deployed, but the previous version.

I can’t find a way to display the current version (the one just uploaded).

I had done this deployment, the one from this same repository, many times, and never had problems. And I always do the same thing, that I explained above.

Please can someone tell me what to check and fix.


Hey @zcoder

Are your deploys locked by any chance? e.g.

Can you show what you are expecting to see vs what you are seeing?

Apologies, apologies and apologies.

The mistake was entirely mine, and it wasn’t until very late in the morning that I realized it.

The problem was PWA… sorry!

When on my PC, in my browser, I linked to the repository in netflix, it invariably returned the version of the repository stored in my local storage, and not the one deployed in Netlify.

If this bad experience helps anyone in the future, I’ll be satisfied.

Thank you very much for the support!

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