After logging in I just see an empty page


When I connect to netlify I see an empty page (with no error in the console nor the network):

I can open the dropdown menu at the top and access :

After reloading, if I try to load or I get a empty page with the logo :

[Imagine the image here, because i’m not allowed to share more than 1 image in this post]

There is no error, this happens with chrome and firefox on ubuntu both without ad blocker.

I can share the account email via DM if needed.

Thanks for your help.

Seemingly the same as experienced here:

Thanks, do you know if I can send my HAR file directly to someone working at netlify ?
I don’t want to leak my access token and stuff :slight_smile:

@chapelle-ardente I don’t work for Netlify, so, not really.

But I’d imagine you could do so by using the support form:

Although in my experience anything that’s sent there is likely to take a few days to hear back on.