Adsense cannot verify Verification code added via Snippet Injection


I have a Gatsby-React website. I am trying to get Adsense verification for my website and for that I’ve added the Adsense verification code from Netlify’s Post Processing Snippet injection.

When I submit for the review, Adsense replies that it cannot find the code, whereas if I view the source code in the browser, the snippet is present as it is.

When I check the network tab in Chrome, there is a 403 status when requesting the Adsense script, here you can see it in the screenshot

Does this have a solution?

My URL is correct and matching in Adsense.

Hi @rawnawk

You are getting a 403 Forbidden which means you do not have permission to access the requested resource. I suggest there are an error (no matter how slight) in your setup.

Here is a post on Shout Me Loud covering this issue. Hopefully it proves helpful AdSense Showing 403 Forbidden Error: Here's How to solve it!

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