Gatsby Script component `off-main-thread` not working when deployed to netlify


I’m trying to use Gatsby’s Script component to load google analytics. You can see the documentation for it here: Gatsby Script API | Gatsby

and a guide here: Paul Scanlon | How to use Gatsby's Script API with Google Analytics

I’ve followed the steps exactly, when but I look in the debugger I see that the request 404s.
I have the gatsby-netlify plugin, but it dosn’t seem to be looking at partytownProxiedURLs in my gatsby-config.js

Has anyone gotten the partytown loading strategy to work?

Hey @slourcey,

I’m not seeing any 404s in my console right now. Have you managed to fix this?

I actually just switched to a normal GA installation for the time being. I’m probably going to see if I set set up a minimal reproduction in the next week or so for testing.

By chance, did you ever manage to get this going?