500 error on all urls following CNAME record update for apex domain

I’ve set my site up and its building/deploying as expected to https://kooba.netlify.app/
As the apex domain is registered with a 3rd party I’ve taken the CNAME approach for loading this site over my apex domain and upon doing so I saw 2 issues
1 - SLL cert could not be generated as DNS verification failed
2 - when accessing the apex domain, https://www.kooba.ie/, it appeared to be pointing to the new netlify site, however, 500 errors were observed on all urls

Hey @christian.rochford

I am able to access kooba.ie and www.kooba.ie without issue. However neither show the same page as viewed on kooba.netlify.app. This is likely a configuration issue with Cloudflare.

Hi @coelmay thanks for your quick reply. We’ve reverted the CNAME record to get our site back online. I can confirm the Cloudflare settings were set to ‘DNS resolution only’ as specified in the article you shared

@coelman based on the docs I should be setting the flattened CNAME record to http://apex-loadbalancer.netlify.com/ is that correct?

That is my understanding.

@coelmay I’ve reset the CNAME to kooba.netlify.com for www.kooba.ie and kooba.ie and its pointing now but still seeing the 500 issue and privacy issue

@coelmay this is now resolved, the 500 error was linked to assets being delivered from Sanity and the netlify domains not being added for CORS