404 Not found-Flask

I designed a simple site with Python and I wanted to bring it to the Internet with the help of your site
When my project was uploaded and I went to my domain I got a 404 error
what do I do?
github page: GitHub - Amirabbasjadidi/Bash: Click the button!

(I have the same problem with GitHub Pages)

@Amirabbasjadidi The services you’re using are designed for hosting static files and serverless functions.

So when you say that you’ve “designed a simple site with Python”, what precisely do you mean?

If you mean that you have a Python based webserver that is accepting requests and returning responses, that will not work with Netlify.

You can use a Python based site generator that outputs HTML files for example, but there is no Python based runtime environment for hosting your own server.

My entire site is a button
A button that plays a sound when clicked and the number of times the user has clicked the button is written above the button.
You can check my GitHub page

Hi, @Amirabbasjadidi. You cannot run a Python app at Netlify:

You can build a static site using Python during the build process only. The deployed site cannot run Python on the server at Netlify.

So, there is no free way for my site to be placed on the Internet for free?

@Amirabbasjadidi That’s not really a question to be answered by the community here.

If you change your project you could host it here, but as it’s currently built it requires python at runtime and you would need to find an appropriate host elsewhere, what they charge would be up to them.

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You could try PythonAnywhere @Amirabbasjadidi which have a free tier (and paid plans start at $5/month which is pretty good.)

Generally speaking, hosting services like Netlify, Vercel, AWS, spend (large sums of) money to run the respective services. It is great many of these services offer a free tier, but I don’t believe anyone should expect them to do so.