404 issue on my website

Hi there,

so I have a blog on my website you can reach via https://www.der-kratzel.de/blog - however you will notice that this page returns a 404.

If you go to https://www.der-kratzel.de/ and navigate to /blog with the left navigation, the redirecting works.

I am using @reach-router - might it be an issue with their package or a netlify setup issue?

Did one of you guys ever experience something like that before?

BR Andi

Hi there,

Did you see this guide yet? This is the best place to start for “Page Not Found” issues.

this might also be relevant:

If you are still seeing issues after following the troubleshooting steps in this guide, please let us know!

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oh maaan!! of course, I forgot about the _redirects file!!

Thanks for pointing it out! made my day.


glad it’s working now!