404 from different regions of the world

netlify site name: https://rustadventure.netlify.app/
DNS: https://www.rustadventure.dev

Hi, I’m seeing multiple people on the internet report that my site is returning a 404 page for specific regions. As one example, here is some traffic from Nigeria: https://twitter.com/david_ubanyi/status/1539244378463645697 that sees a 404 page instead of the index.html that I can see – https://twitter.com/david_ubanyi/status/1539241148568506370.

Is there any way Netlify might have been affected by the large Cloudflare outage from earlier today?

The traffic seems to be reaching Netlify and specifically my site, or people wouldn’t be seeing the 404 page, and as far as I can tell all visitors in the US reach the homepage successfully.

I ended up figuring this out. There were some lingering location-based redirects that were tough to diagnose.

Possible Netlify analytics feature would be to show rewrite rules that 404 separately instead of showing them assigned to the base url.

glad you figured it out, chris! i was asking around in the team but we hadn’t quite figured out what it might be yet.

I think we already have a feature request out there to handle 404’s differently in analytics - i’ll add you to the list of requesters.