403 Error persists even after setting up Netlify DNS

My portfolio website is deployed at magnificent-belekoy-c042c8.netlify.app and I have purchased the custom domain atorcode.com as well as an SSL certificate through domain.com. I have also added the appropriate nameservers to domain.com. When I try to access the website using the Netlify URL, it works. However, I am getting a 403 error when trying to access it through the purchased custom domain even though I can see that the DNS is configured correctly under the domain management tab in Netlify’s settings.

I’d greatly appreciate help resolving this issue. I can provide more information if necessary. Thank you!

I don’t see a 403 error. If you’re still seeing it, it might be a DNS propagation issue.

I am still seeing the 403 error:

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

What do you see instead? If it’s a DNS propagation issue, then how do I suggest I resolve that?

This is because the old name servers are still active on the domain

% whois atorcode.com | grep 'Name Server'
Name Server: ns2.domain.com
Name Server: ns1.domain.com
Name Server: dns1.p05.nsone.net
Name Server: dns2.p05.nsone.net
Name Server: dns3.p05.nsone.net
Name Server: dns4.p05.nsone.net

And as these servers come up first (for me, unlike it seems for @hrishikesh) the IP in them is hit first

% dig atorcode.com
atorcode.com.		3527	IN	A

This support guide has all the information you need to sort this issue out

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Thank you for the reply. I don’t know much about DNS but I have read the post you attached. Am I understanding this correctly? I can see on Netlify that my nameservers are the following:

However, on my domain registrar, I can see two additional nameservers (which don’t appear on my Netlify nameservers and were provided by default when I bought the domain):

Are these the problematic ones that I need to remove so that they aren’t hit first?
Again, really appreciate the help.

Yes, you need to remove ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com

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