300mb site not deploying via drag n drop

Hi everyone,

Having a bit of an issue with building and deploying my site, loving-hugle-ef0197. I’m using manual deploy with drag and drop. Wrote my code in atom, no website builder. Previously had success in the drag and drop when my site had less content, but now that I’ve added images in and wanted to update to the new version, but it won’t finish deploying! I’ve tried four times now and after 4 hours, nothing. The site is around 300MB. Initially when I drag and drop I get a “snap, something went wrong error”, after refreshing it goes away but my site never deploys. I’m a newbie and don’t understand what’s going wrong. Please help!

hey there,

sorry you are having trouble. I am going to guess that it is because your site, at 300mb, is too large to be deployed reliably through drag n drop. It may have worked previously, but, large deploys like this do tend to get “stuck”. 300 mb is A LOT of website generally speaking. Our system is highly optimized to load small files very fast, any single asset that “weighs” over 10mb is not going to do well with our setup and will load slower than you’d probably like, we recommend staying under that threshhold. Files under 10mb should load quickly.

The best solutions to this problem are:

  • trim down the site - is there anything you don’t need? are your images optimized etc? This is good practice anyway as large images will be slow to load.
  • deploy via CI (so, add the files to a git repo, and then we will build/deploy on push)


  • use the CLI to deploy the site. This works more reliably than the UI (drag n drop) but we still can’t guarantee things won’t get stuck if you have any file bigger than say ~40mb.

let me know if this makes sense, we can keep advising if you have further questions.

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