Stalled Drag and Drop deploy

site name: jolly-varahamihira-04b538

Drag and Drop deploy is stuck in the “uploading” status.

  • The folder is only 47 megabytes.
  • It was working yesterday. The same site deployed in 40 seconds.
  • I’m not deploying from Git, just uploading a folder, so command line tool isn’t doable.

hi @holzingerhomeshelp,

how big is the largest file in the site?

Hi Perry — the largest file is about 400k.


hmm, that shouldn’t be a problem. Have you tried one time, or repeatedly?

Actually — I found a ZIP file that was 700k, and expanded to a folder totalling 3MB

I removed that zip file, and tried the deploy again, and it deployed in 2 seconds.

I’ll watch for ZIP files in the future.

Thanks for the tip.

no problem! good sleuthing.