24h chart not updating?

Hi! It seems that the 24h chart for unique visitors for my site yomi.ai is not updating. I don’t see any unique visitors after 8 am PT, but there have still been pageviews recorded since then.

Same problem, exists only Pageviews and Unique visitors is empty by today (26 april)

Same here on 3 of my sites, 0 unique visitors on all of them. Not bothered about the data, just wanting to report the issues :+1:

So, we had some problems with the unique visitors over the weekend. No data was lost, but we failed to process it. I think that we managed to backfill all the unique visitors data in the meantime (since you wrote in @DavidDarnes), but potentially at the cost of some duplicate traffic counts. We’ll be finishing the cleanup tomorrow, but if you are MISSING unique visitors still please let us know, and if you aren’t, please let us know if you are missing pageviews after say 8pm UTC tomorrow, please also sound off with API Site ID’s (found on your general settings page in our Admin UI) so we can investigate further.

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Thanks for the reply. Still missing unique visitor data.

Cleanup is now finished!
As @fool said, please let us know if you are still missing unique visitors data.

Cannot really tell at this point. But I noticed that different ranges are displayed between page views and visitors.

Pageviews: Apr 27 (5:00 PM) to Apr 28 (4:00 PM)
Unique visitors: Apr 27 (4:00 PM) to Apr 28 (4:00 PM)

Just checked a couple of my sites and everything is looking as expected now. Thanks @fool, @kito and anyone else working on it :pray:

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I’ve been having issues again with the analytics… The hourly chart is very crucial for me during this time.

hi there, this is for yomi.ai, correct?

Hi Perry,

yes this is correct. It seems to be okay right now. I have been noticing that one metric has been occasionally lacking behind the other (pageviews showing up to 3 pm, while unique visitors show numbers up to 5 pm).

Interesting! I’ll ask the team if that is expected and let you know what I find out.

not expected, so I’ve filed a bug. If you notice it again, could you please give us a screenshot of that desync, and let us know what timezone your browser is in? I think your description was pretty clear but if we know exactly when the problem was seen it will help us narrow down causes.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Screenshot taken at 1:13 pm PDT

As of 2:23 pm PDT, the chart is still not properly updating. As I have sign-ups for the site, I know for a fact that there have been unique visitors over the past few hours.

Some data came in, but it’s still behind and out of sync…

At 9:08 pm PDT

Thanks, that’ll be useful when we get around to digging in. For now, I do not think the data is wrong, once it has time to be completely ingested (after 24 hours), so I cannot promise a fix anytime soon.

Got it. For me, that’s a big limitation, especially since I can not see that 24h view on previous days.

Here’s a final screenshot.

Hope to see some product update emails in the future and will look for alternatives in the meantime.

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I understand that you’re not guaranteeing your service, but this is getting ridiculous. It’s not a “fix” that you’re looking for, it’s the whole analytics product that you are charging for that is not working.

Final set of screenshots. How is this data accurate? The aggregate says one thing (which is also wrong based on my server logs) and the graphs (non existing) state another.