10 second function time out not working with Auth0

I’m using netlify lambda functions as webhook endpoints for some events from the Stripe. The problem is that Stripe is not able to ship some of the events correctly, and after contacting their support, they told me that this is happening because my hosting service blocks some of their IP addresses. So I reached out to you to see if there is anything you can do about this problem? here is the complete list of their IPs: https://stripe.com/docs/ips#webhook-ip-addresses

We don’t block an IP addresses, Eddie, unless they have been involved in a DDoS attack, which it seems unlikely that stripe’s IP’s have been :slight_smile:

Our functions do time out after 10 seconds - perhaps that’s what you’re seeing instead? Could your function take >10s to run?

Hello again, and thank you for your response.
I made a mistake in my original question, I meant Stripe but I wrote Auth0 by mistake.

I’ll contact their support again and check to see if I can find any more details about the error.
But about the 10 seconds timeout, I know that the stripe webhooks have the exact same time limit. But what I’m seeing in the function logs in my Netlify dashboard is that my function only takes about two seconds to execute. but almost every webhook event fails

thanks for clarifying, @Eddie_CooRo. Definitely do let us know if Auth0 tells you anything useful. A 2 second function should run.