Getting the results before the timeout


I am getting the timeout error in my functions sometimes
“Task timed out after 10.01 seconds”.
But I want my function to be fast , to be able to fetch the results before 10 sec always. Can you suggest me what are the things I can change to make sure my function is fast. I am using node, graphql, mongoDB

Hey there, @rpanjeta

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! When did this start? Can you share your Netlify URL and your function name with us?

Mentioned in your duplicate submission to our helpdesk that I’d ping over here, @rpanjeta . The answers to Hillary’s questions would be a useful place to start our debugging! Did the performance decrease over time? If it’s always been this slow, our advice will be to, well, do less in the function, or connect to faster services - there is no “secret switch” I can flip for faster functions; it’s all about how fast your code runs in AWS lambda, which is not specific to our service and we don’t have any acceleration abilities :wink:

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