Yet another branch not found

Hello Community <3

i started a hugo site with a deploy to netlify button (what a great feature<3)
The Documentation i followed for the CMS is this one:

What i am curious about is that i get the branch not found error.
i set my repository to private but i reauthenticated the oauth installed the github app and regenerated the git gateway token.

now i wonder about the line in the config.yml

branch: main # Branch to update (optional; defaults to master)

since i used the quick deploy my branch is “master” and i dont have any other branches.

Do i still have to change this line?

With kind regards


I’m assuming you’re talking about deploying from the frameworks page on using the deploy to Netlify button on the Hugo card. I just did the same myself and, as you pointed out, that template uses a default branch of master.

I think you’re on the right track! Try swapping out main for master there in the config.yml and see if you have better luck with your deployment.

Let me know what happens.