Www and no-www with default netlify sitename

I have already search on documents and here in community but I can’t find a solution to my issue.
I have a site in netlify and I use the default name(netlify.app/).
I want to redirect any www version of my site to the name of the site (which doesn’t have the www)
I have already tried writing a _redirects file on my root folder like this:
https://www.mycodingjourney.netlify.app/* https://mycodingjourney.netlify.app/ : splat 301!

I still get a privacy error.
I’m out of ideas.

@Panu Did you take down your site? It’s not loading for me.

There is no need to redirect from the WWW version because there is no such thing. “mycodingjourney” is your assigned subdomain. You don’t get to pick a sub-subdomain, as far as I know, and there is no reason to do so.

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@gregraven There was a typo in the link above.

Ok, thanks for your answer. The only reason why I care for the www… is because I used one seo checker and it threw me an error because the www.mycodingjourney.netlify.app doesn’t lead to mycodingjourney.netlify.app.
That’s why I was trying to change that.

I think you can disregard that error.

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