Wordpress - Sitemap and Robot.txt not working

Hi, I am testing my WordPress site on Netlify. I am using WP2Static plugin to create my static site. Everything is working fine except Sitemap and Robot.txt.
my netlify site it - frosty-easley-b743f9, customer link - https://dd.varunpatel.in
I have check my static built, it includes these two files. But when I am trying to access them through URL it comes 404 ( https://dd.varunpatel.in/sitemap_index.xml , https://dd.varunpatel.in/robots.txt )

I am new to Static site, can someone please help me with this?

@hardhat Welcome to the Netlify community. Each of those files seems to be there for me when I try them, although your sitemap file seems to be empty. Is a local caching issue preventing you from seeing them perhaps?

@gregraven Thanks for pointing out this. I can see those in incognito but I am wondering why XML file is empty? On my Wordpress server, I can see the sitemap. I will work on that.

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hey hardhat,

i’m not super familiar with WP2Static, but I am wondering whether or not it would be helpful for you to download the deploy we are generating so you can see what is there vs what you were expecting to be there?