Wordpress To netlify

I’ve moved my wordpress to netlify using simply static plugin to make it static, the home page of the website work fine, but when i go to other page, it say page not found, any help ? :slightly_smiling_face:

It would help if you could share a URL where others could see what you’re seeing.

Typically, however, this is because WordPress links include the domain name, so your “internal” site links may include the full path to your WordPress install, instead of to your public-facing site.

Digression: Simply Static and WP2Static have different ways of dealing with this, but I have yet to get either to work for me, so I use SiteSucker (macOS only) and then check everything as a BBEdit project before uploading the static files. You can get similar results with something like httrack (which runs on the command line). There are other macOS and Windows solutions, too.

Back to your issue, you either need to find the settings in Simply Static that allow you to define the URL at which the static files will be when published (it’s been so long I don’t remember the set-up process – sorry), or you need to post-process your static files, bulk replacing the exported URL with the publish URL … assuming this is the issue.

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sorry for the delay in responding
here is the my website

I have tested simply static many time and i don’t know really where is the problem

You have a bunch of issues here.

First, you “localhost” as the sources of one of your assets. That’s never going to work. You need either to make this a relative reference or fix the absolute reference to point to your public website. In my experience, this is exactly the type of issue that you usually see when trying to export a WordPress site via Simply Static or WP2Static.

Second, you site seems to be expecting jQuery to be available, and it’s just not there. It’s neither linked nor loaded.

Third, you will be better off using the www FQDN (fully-qualified domain name) instead of the apex domain, that is, set www.vinrandosaga.com instead of vinrandosaga.com as your primary domain.

If it’s any help, I have a WordPress site at https://www.non-intervention.net that is available as static files at https://www.nointervention.net (on Netlify).