WordPress Conversion?

My church has a website built on WP. The people who maintain it only know WP. They can’t code. Is there a way for them to somehow get the benefits of Netlify and still use WP to maintain their site? Thanks

Hi @Engine44,

There isn’t a quick and easy way to convert from Wordpress hosted site to a Netlify hosted static site. Since Wordpress is using a server to build the pages on the server using PHP, which is not supported on a CDN/ADN like Netlify.

There is an option for being able to keep the content on WP and the front end be hosted on Netlify. The most popular is to use Gatsby as the front end. Gatsby has put a lot of effort into this connectivity. You can read about it in the Gatsby docs

Unfortunately, if you don’t have any experience with React or the Gatsby framework, it’s going to be a little daunting to say the least. There are a lot of advantages to this method, because it allows the content creators to keep maintaining content in the WP admin since they already know it. One of the downfalls is being able to see a preview of the site prior to publishing.

Jason Lengstorf, who is a Dev Rel for Netlify now, streamed a video about using Wordpress with Gatsby

Hey @Engine44,

Just to tag on to @talves’ point, there’s a nifty how-to on the Netlify Blog, as an alternative to the video.

It is doable and it’ll mean your current workflow for updates can remain unchanged… but yes, there’s a bit of legwork in getting it going!