Wildcard certificate not applying to external CNAME

Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate does not seem to picking up my subdomain.

The subdomain in question here is https://brandable.codespent.dev/

I am using Netlify DNS and the subdomain is a CNAME to a heroku application.

I’m no DNS expert by any means, but I don’t believe there’s any propagation wait for a certificate to set in. I am able to reach the application at the subdomain, but getting a certificate warning when doing so. Seems from what I’ve read here and various articles that there is no extra action needed on my end, but I did see some resolutions in the community here where a Netlify representative was able to take manual action do rectify, so I figured I’d open up the communication to see if that’s a possibility and if I’m misunderstanding and there is additional action on my end needed for wildcard certificates I’d love to be educated on such so I can handle it next time. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi, @CodeSpent, and welcome to the Netlify community site.

The Netlify SSL certificate isn’t used because the subdomain brandable.codespent.dev directs to servers we don’t control (it looks like it goes to Heroku).

This means you’ll have to create the SSL certificates for that domain there. The Netlify created Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate cannot be exported from Netlify so it won’t be possible to use this SSL certificate elsewhere. A new SSL certificate will need to be created for the Heroku site.

I’m not sure how to configure SSL certificates at Heroku so asking their support team about this would be my recommendation.


Awesome, I suspected that could be the case, thank you!