Why does this Angular 16 app keep showing cookie consent bar on Netlify?

I have deployed a Movies app made with Angular 16 and TMDB API on Netlify.

The problem is that the cookie consent bar keeps appearing upon refreshing the page, even after cookies are allowed.

This does not happen with the local app (on http://localhost:4200/), only on Netlify.

In case it is relevant, I did add the _redirects file.

Your app is not setting any cookies or localstorage that defines that the cookie consent has been accepted. This is not a Netlify issue.

The problem does not happen on http://localhost:4200/. So, how is it not a Netlify issue?

I don’t know what your app is doing locally. All I know is your app is not setting anything in the browser (that I could find) to save a preference of the cookie banner being closed. I don’t know how your app determines whether or not to show the banner, so this is something you need to check in your setup.