White page after good deploy


Last night all was good but this morning failed …
The deploy job is ok but I have a white page
Deploy : 64609b89fe86345fd6d4fe16

# netlify.toml
 YARN_VERSION = "1.22.19"
 publish = "build"

Help please :slight_smile:

@handosensei Your build throws so many warnings that I get anxious just looking at it.

On the front-end I don’t see any errors in the console, or obvious 404 errors for missing files, yet it looks like your app never mounts to your root element.

It’s unlikely to be related to Netlify, so you should just run your project locally and debug it to determine why that would be the case.

Hi @handosensei, thanks for the post and welcome.

Based on your deploy logs, looks like there are peer dependency conflicts and errors relating to versions of react.
You have to install packages with the --legacy-peer-deps flag

To do this on Netlify you can use the NPM_FLAGS environment variable.

NPM_FLAGS: is used to indicate the flags to pass to the npm install command.

Setting it to either --force or --legacy-peer-deps depending on your preference.

Let me know the outcome after the suggestion.