Blank white page upon deployment

Hi all,

i successfully deployed my React app, but all I see is a blank white page… please help!


Have you looked at the Developer Tools console to investigate errors?

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It would also help if you shared your site name/slug.

Thank you, OK, I see a potential problem. But my question is, how come this is an issue here and not in localhost?

Without seeing code it is impossible to say. Potentially an undefined variable or other configuration change.

Have you tried running npm run build locally and browsing the built site locally to see if this error persists?

The issue is here

  const filteredUsers = userInfo.filter((item) => {
    return item['title'].toLowerCase().indexOf(query.toLowerCase()) !== -1

There is an explicit assumption here that userInfo is defined, which clearly in this instance it is not. There is no error checking here. Suggest adding some checking for such cases.

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Thank you sir, yep I just fixed that, now getting a separate error. Will have to fix that now :slight_smile: