White labeling dns


Im on an enterprise plan at netlify.

We have built a platform which is now starting to sell. However, a few of our customer wants to white label us. So they use their own dns such as sub.customer.com, customer2.com, etc. And it should redirect to our website on netlifily. Obviously we use our own domain (mydomain.com).
However, mydomain.com is bot managed by netlify but aws route53 instead.

Im happy to manually onboard each customer. No need for fancy solutions yet.

Oh, another detail is that, whatever the sub.customer.com domain was, I need to capture the customer name and pass its value to my app in netlify so I can set that name to an identifier in our app (slug)

Ive seen on other topics you use aliases for this but there’s a 50 alias limit? Is there any other way? Redirects?

Any help? Thanks!


We’ve opened a ticket in order to discuss this further. You can provide more details there.

Thanks Katrina. Got the ticket details. Im continuing the conversation over there.