Where are my website files located ? I need to replace some of those files

Netlify site name: s-smallwood.com

Where are my website files located ?
I need to replace some of those files.

@Steve_S How you would do this would depend on how you originally created the site.

Have a quick read of the following:

You don’t edit/change individual files in place, but create a new deployment of the entire site.

Do you know how the site was originally created?

Thank you for your response, Nathan.
Greatly appreciated.

It was created more than a year ago so I don’t recall the process I went through to get my website up and running.

@Steve_S If your site was build using an SSG (Static Site Generator) and linked to a Git Repository then you would edit your codebase and push a new version into Git, at which point Netlify would detect the change, execute a new build and deploy the new version.

If your site was created as plain HTML then you would edit the files locally and supply Netlify with the new files.

If you don’t already have a copy of the site files locally, you can see what is currently deployed by downloading a copy of the most recent successful deploy.

Very helpful.
When I do this process, I will certainly document the required steps to avoid having to ask for help with this in the future.

This was a good opportunity to see the response time when posting here.
For my first experience here, I’m pleased with the assistance with this issue that I received. Excellent!

@Steve_S I don’t work for Netlify, I’m just a former customer.

There’s no guaranteed response times on the forum, but usually questions are answered in 1 - 4 days.

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Thanks @nathanmartin for helping out, we truly appreciate it :slight_smile: