When submitting the form on my website you get a 'Page Not Found"

Hey! I have a question regarding my website’s form. Upon clicking “submit”, it redirects to "Page Not Found. I have included my form below. As you can see, I have already added: data-netlify=“true”. Hope someone can help!

                                <h3 class="major">Form</h3>

                                <form method="post" action="#" data-netlify="true">

                                    <div class="fields">

                                        <div class="field half">

                                            <label for="demo-name">Name</label>

                                            <input type="text" name="demo-name" id="demo-name" value="" placeholder="Jane Doe" />


                                        <div class="field half">

                                            <label for="demo-email">Email</label>

                                            <input type="email" name="demo-email" id="demo-email" value="" placeholder="jane@untitled.tld" />


                                        <div class="field">

                                            <label for="demo-category">Category</label>

                                            <select name="demo-category" id="demo-category">

                                                <option value="">-</option>

                                                <option value="1">Manufacturing</option>

                                                <option value="1">Shipping</option>

                                                <option value="1">Administration</option>

                                                <option value="1">Human Resources</option>



                                        <div class="field half">

                                            <input type="radio" id="demo-priority-low" name="demo-priority" checked>

                                            <label for="demo-priority-low">Low</label>


                                        <div class="field half">

                                            <input type="radio" id="demo-priority-high" name="demo-priority">

                                            <label for="demo-priority-high">High</label>


                                        <div class="field half">

                                            <input type="checkbox" id="demo-copy" name="demo-copy">

                                            <label for="demo-copy">Email me a copy</label>


                                        <div class="field half">

                                            <input type="checkbox" id="demo-human" name="demo-human" checked>

                                            <label for="demo-human">Not a robot</label>


                                        <div class="field">

                                            <label for="demo-message">Message</label>

                                            <textarea name="demo-message" id="demo-message" placeholder="Enter your message" rows="6"></textarea>



                                    <ul class="actions">

                                        <li><input type="submit" value="Send Message" class="primary" /></li>

                                        <li><input type="reset" value="Reset" /></li>




Hey @helpnetlifyhelp

Can you try removing the action="#".

If that doesn’t work can you please provide a link to your site.

Hey, thank you for responding!

I deleted the action=’#’, but it still gives me the same ‘page not found’ after I press ‘Send Message’.

Here is my site: antonio-orozco.netlify.app

Hey, thank you for your response.

I deleted the action=’#’, but it still gives me ‘page not found’ when I click ‘send message’. Here is my website: antonio-orozco.netlify.app

Not sure what is happening :confused:

I still see the action="#" on your form.

Additionally, I am not seeing the hidden attributes Netlify adds to forms as shown in this documentation. Does the deploy log show the form is detected?

By accident, I was removing the action from a different form. I am now getting a “thank you. for submission”, but the actual response doesn’t go through to netlify or my email. Let me look into the documentation again and try to figure it out, otherwise I might need more assistance. Either way, I’ll update tomorrow. Thank you!


Hey there, @helpnetlifyhelp :wave:

In additional to the Docs page that Coel linked above, we also have this Support Guide that houses lots of great forms resources in the Forums. Be sure to give it a look to see if any of the resources help get you on the right track:

Let us know how debugging goes!

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