Whats the easiest way of creating a login to a static site via a 365 login

So we have a bunch of static sites - some very simple as a plain html page - and some a bit more complex - but a lot of these we want to be behind our 365 login. How can I most easily do this? I see identity doesnt support 365 so is it somehow using auth0?? Any pointers much appreciated!

Hey and welcome :slight_smile:

Netlify Identity is our authentication solution, but it sounds like you want to integrate with 365’s authentication service. If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out how to use 365’s OAuth solution:

Here are our docs on using OAuth with an external provider (so, anything that’s not Netlify Identity):

Let me know if that answers your question or if we can help further!

Fab. Thanks for the pointers. I remember trying this a couple of years ago and it simply wasn’t possible due to the mess of MS/Azure. Maybe it is now. If anyone out there has a working example I’d love to see it.

we come across anything we’ll definitely post it here :slight_smile: