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Creation of sample login page to consume customize authentication APIs

I am totally new to Netlify. We heard that we can have quick login page which we can integrate with our application. We need that customized login page to consume the login APIs so that authentication will be successful.

I have those APIs ready at my end but need to know how can I quickly stand up the sample login page which will accept username/password and do the processing at the backend by consuming APIs.

Please note that this is not for production but just in development environment to try.


Hi @amit.aherao,

The answer might slightly depend on what it is exactly that you’ve heard. We do provide Netlify Identity which can be used to authenticate users and there’s a ready-made widget that could get the job done in most cases. However, if you want a complete control over its look and feel, you could use GoTrue JS as a dependency.

Regarding APIs, you say your APIs are ready. Are you using Netlify Functions? If yes, you could simply call each of those functions with Authrozation: Bearer <token> header and you could authenticate the user in the function. If those APIs are external, there is probably no easy way to authenticate the users there. You can use Netlify Functions to make a call to that external API after authenticating.