What can JAMStack NOT do?

There is often talk of Statics sites and Dynamic sites. The difference seems simple but I feel with JAMStack, prerendering initial load with hydration etc, the lines become blurred?

I wan’t to ask everyone, what can’t JAMStack do? In what situation would it not work? As far as I can tell I’ve made CRUD applications, data driven interactive applications too. With sites such as blogs it tends to be that most will rebuild when content changes, invalidate cache and immediately go live, but you can still pull data from api’s and trigger CRUD actions on databases via apis.

I’ve found that I end up writing more apis like wrappers around other services and they are naturally more reusable.

Is there anything I am missing that a truly dynamic site handles way better or something that JAMStack can simply just not achieve?

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I have yet to see a community forum run on the JAMstack.

Maybe it’s performance related but could someone not run a forum through JAMStack, each comment / thread is ran through an API to store in a DB? I am probably being naïve here about additional performance costs rather that going direct to db but it doesnt seem worse in terms of dev experience etc? :slight_smile:

I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, I’m just saying I haven’t yet seen it done, although I suppose Disqus is close.

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