Website ( not resolving to ip address

I have recently moved to netlify dns ( using custom nameservers from my registrar.
I have a website webpack-v3 ( which uses the domain name
But it is not resolving to correct ip from many countries ( For ex, it is not working on google dns

host shows servfail.

Will it just take more time or should I take some step to fix it?

Seems to work well for me:

$ host has address

Perhaps the DNS changes were still propagating, which can take days depending on your old settings?

Yes, that command is succeeding sometimes depending on the dns provider.

For ex., to use google dns - host - that is failing. Also, tried with the base domain - host is also failing. Really weird, because it can’t even find the nameserver for the base domain.

Does the registrar dns service matter in this case? It is with domaincostclub currently.

Ok, just checked - existing ttl was 1day. Probably that’s why its taking so much time.

Ah, I can see a ton of DNSSEC related errors here:

Our DNS hosting does not support DNSSEC, so you’ll need to disable it at your old DNS host, whomever that was, if you want to use our DNS hosting successfully.

Thanks for all the help. This is resolved now.

Disabled DNSSEC at registrar end and pointed nameserver directly to netlify.