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After updating my site with a Webpack build, I can't access it via my domain

Netlify name: infallible-lamarr-358865
Custom domain: animanoir.xyz

So I used to simply upload raw HTML/JS/CSS to my site, but decied to switch to Webpack. I’m not deploying my site inside Netlify, I’m just uploading the build of Webpack from my local. This just yesterday. I’m thinking something about the cache? Because it seems it can’t load in computers where the site was already viewed.

After doing that, I’ve had a lot of trouble accessing it now via https://animanoir.xyz/

This site can’t be reached

animanoir.xyz ’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.


How could I solve it?

Hi @geosmina

Uploading your site will not affect the DNS. It is possibly something to do with cache. Clear the cache of your browser. Try a private/incognito window, try a different browser on the same machine.

This is what I see

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Thanks. Something was weird since in fact in some machines did worked. I noted that, for some reason, Google Domains changed some configuration (to use Google´s own DNS or something). I reverted that change (to use again Netlify’s) and everything went back to normal.